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Accessories of DE-Ashing system

Product description

Filter bag
The filter bag can be called the heart of the dust collector and the key element to determine the dust removal efficiency and working temperature of the bag filter. The cost of replacing the filter system is also the main maintenance cost of the bag filter. So the working life of filter bag is related to the running state and cost of the dust collector



GTLD series filter bag specification


GTLD series filter bag type


Filter bag framework
Framework is a filter bag 攴 brace, its quality will indirectly influence the service life of the filter bag in the process of work. A set of high-quality frame should have light structure, easy to install and maintain, the surface is smooth, straight so that the filter bag is not damaged.


GTLG series frame specification


Pulse injection controller
The pulse jet control instrument is the main control device of the jet cleaning system of the pulse bag filter. Its lose chu signal controls pulse electromagnetic-pulse valve directly, use compressed air to blow clear ash to filter bag circulation, make the resistance of precipitator keep in the range that set, ensure the precipitator dedusting effect thereby. The YMK series pulse valve control instrument promoted by the company has strong anti-perturbation ability, high intelligent degree, stable and reliable work and other advantages, and is well received by customers.


Technical indicatorsGT
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