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D671X Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

1. Valve sealing pair is made of special formula material, which has the properties of temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
2. Small and portable, simple structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, suitable for a variety of media, temperature does not exceed 150 C.
3. Good sealing performance.
4. Small operating torque and quick opening.
5. Clear display of switch position.
6. Installation position and angle are not limited.
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YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve

YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve are switches for gas conveying solid materials, which play the role of opening and separating pipe space. It is suitable for the sealed conveying system of loose, dry, non-sticky and flowable solid materials, especially for the ash and slag treatment system of thermal power plants.
The closing section of the dome valve is realized by a spherical mesh core and an inflatable banana seal, and the opening and closing of the dome valve are carried out under the pressure-free state, thus realizing the accurate displacement without connection between the two valves.
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Special Valve for Stone Coal Transportation

It is suitable for opening and closing of gas and slag in dry ash system of power plant, as well as for opening and closing of abrasive, corrosive, powder and flue gas in mines, steel, papermaking and petrochemical industries.
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RDV rotary disc gate valve

RDV rotary disc gate valve The valve plate is driven by the rotating shaft, so that the motion of the valve switch is rotating. The piston rod of the pneumatic actuator does not contact with the medium directly, which prolongs the service life of the actuator. The sealing pair is made of hard metal, ceramics and other wear-resisting materials, which has good mechanical and wear-resisting properties. It solves the problem that the sealing surface is easy to be eroded due to material erosion and has a low life. Therefore, it has a longer service life, can bring ideal use effect and economic benefit to users, and is conducive to equipment maintenance and operation adjustment, so as to make the overall operation safe and economical. Significant improvement.
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