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Quality Assurance

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We know that good service is to understand your request for a service, we have set up special after-sales service department, established a team of high-quality services and service hotline, solid with the fastest speed to deliver the products and services to China and South East Asia. Let users feel the high quality products, high quality service brings great benefits, but also to the solid special product market space even more broad. Because these sales and service personnel to accept the technical specifications of the process system, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance of technical training.
First, service products
The company's after-sales service agencies and personnel only service to the company's production and sales of products.
The product models and types of services are in the purchase and sale contract.
Two, quality assurance
The company's products in accordance with national standards and industry standards and ISO9001 system design, processing and production.
Three, service commitment
1, the product warranty period of one year.
Products within one year after the factory, as a result of product quality caused by the fault, damage, the company is responsible for free maintenance, and long-term provision of technical services.
2, the company sent an experienced technical personnel to the site to guide installation, commissioning and acceptance, while training and maintenance personnel training.
3, to ensure that the schedule, quality, quantity and quality of supply.
4, to provide the new technology, new technology, exchange of information and advisory services.
5, in the product failure can not work properly, the company received a notice of customer service requirements, within 24 hours to reach.
6, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the economic contract law to fulfill their full responsibility.
7, authorized by the client on behalf of the company solely responsible for the product after-sales service.
Four, the company sold products to implement quality tracking, please feedback the information in a timely manner.